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MedReach ™ Ambulance Service for Hire in Los Angeles

Non-emergency Inter-facility transport services for more than 600 healthcare facilities

BLS - Basic Life Support

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) units are staffed with two nationally registered and California State certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

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CPR, AED, and First Aid training designed to make your workforce prepared for any medical emergency

Industrial and Community Training

MedReach prepares and trains organizations and communities with the skills needed to respond to emergencies. We have a program designed for you.

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On-site medical support for sporting, corporate, or community events

Medical Stand-By for Special Events

From basic cuts, abrasions to cardiac arrest, our team of highly trained professionals is on-site to respond to any medical emergency that may occur at your event.

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MedReach ™ Ambulance Services

How Can MedReach Serve You?

MedReach Ambulance is a for hire ambulance service in Los Angeles County. We are Medicare and Medi-Cal approved providers. We also contract with private and government medical facilities, 911 provider agencies, Medical Health care plans, government agencies and other private industries.

  • David Swazer | MedReach Ambulance Operations Manager David Swazer Operations Manager

    "David has over 15 years in the ambulance industry and provides daily direct oversight of both the Operations and Communications departments including EMT and Dispatch personnel recruitment and hiring."

  • Francisco Watts | MedReach Ambulance Operations Manager Francisco Watts Operations Manager

    "Frank has been a member of the MedReach team since 2010. His responsibilities include field personnel support, development and implementation of training, new employee orientation and recruitment."

MedReach Ambulance has provided Basic Life Support ambulance services since 1987. Basic Life Support ambulances are staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians. The Basic Life Support ambulance is for individuals who need transportation for emergency and non-emergency situations. Emergency services include minor medical emergencies, minor trauma, psychiatric emergencies and calls responding with 9-1-1 systems.

Non-emergency transports include hospital to hospital transports, outpatient visits to doctors’ offices, dialysis transports or transports to the hospital, etc. MedReach Ambulance also provides long distance transports as well. Any of these transports may be scheduled 24-hours a day. Although medically necessary ambulance transportation is covered by most insurance plans, your medical insurance might not cover some non-emergency transports. Our staff can assist you with this information. Please contact our Communications Center 24-hours a day.

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Providing on-site education and training for our clients equals ease and convenience for your company or healthcare organization. We bring the training to you. Our skilled instructors prepare your employees to respond to medical emergencies that may occur in the workplace.

First Aid Training Designed for the lay person, this course teaches employees how to respond to sudden illness, injuries and bleeding, breathing and cardiac emergencies, and preventing disease transmission.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training Our American Heart Association certified instructors will train your employees in CPR and/or First Aid customized to meet the needs of your workplace and employees.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Training If your organization is equipped with an AED, our comprehensive first responder training can help you prepare for a cardiac emergency.

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Medical Stand By: MedReach Ambulance provides medical coverage for the movie industry, sporting events, marathons, cycling races, concerts, local fairs, corporate events and other large gatherings of people.

Dedicated Medical Stand-by: We can provide a dedicated and fully staffed ambulance(s) for the duration of your event. Please contact our Communications Center 24-hours a day.

Dedicated First Aid Stations: MedReach Ambulance provides emergency medical personnel teams for your event equipped to handle on-site emergencies and first aid related to your event. Each team will have radio contact with our Communications Center in the event an ambulance would be needed to transport an ill or injured person to a local hospital or to activate 9-1-1 services. Please, contact our Communications Center 24-hours a day.

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