Basic Life Support Ambulace Service

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Basic Life Support

When you need Inter-facility/Basic Life Support (BLS), you can depend on MedReach Ambulance to provide high quality medical care and transportation. We partner with many hospitals, senior nursing facilities, and healthcare networks in Los Angeles County. Numerous medical facilities choose MedReach to provide skilled and competent care to their patients while transporting them between facilities.

Our BLS units are staffed with two nationally registered and California State certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). EMTs begin with a comprehensive orientation and education program. They then receive additional hands-on training to include patient care and treatment standards, driver operations, and customer relations. Our trained professionals are capable of managing life threatening situations that might occur during transport within the EMT level scope of practice.

Patients who benefit from BLS transport services include those requiring:

Basic Life Support | MedReach Ambulance Service in Los Angeles Non-life threatening emergency room visits
Basic Life Support | MedReach Ambulance Service in Los Angeles Non- life threatening injury or illness transport
Basic Life Support | MedReach Ambulance Service in Los Angeles Scheduled medical appointments
Basic Life Support | MedReach Ambulance Service in Los Angeles Transportation while lying down

Our Basic Life Support transport service provides routine Inter-facility transports of medically stable patients between healthcare facilities and transports to home upon discharge of non-ambulatory patients. With a focus on patient comfort and customer service, our crews provide compassionate care to the patient while monitoring their condition and vital signs during transport. Our employees exude professionalism and our service is a benchmark in the community.

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